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Roast Quick Facts

DarkCane SugarGreen AppleCranberry
Kenya coffees are renowned for their wonderful full body and fantastic sparkle. These coffees have tremendously full body with pronounced black-current or citrus flavors and aroma.
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Roaster Notes:
his exquisite selection, sourced from the high-altitude regions of Kenya, is a true embodiment of mastery in coffee roasting. The dark roast profile accentuates a rich and robust body, revealing a complex layering of flavors. At the forefront, you'll notice the unmistakable sweetness of cane sugar, creating a harmonious balance with the subtle tartness of green apple. This is seamlessly followed by the vibrant and refreshing acidity of cranberries, which lingers pleasantly on the palate. Each sip promises a luxurious and invigorating experience, making this Kenya AA coffee an exceptional choice for connoisseurs seeking depth and sophistication in their cup.

Country of Origin:

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Origin of The Beans

Where does Kenya AA's beans come from?
The Region

Kenya's coffee region is famed for its volcanic soils and high altitudes, providing ideal growing conditions. The beans are known for their bright acidity, full body, and distinct flavors, often with fruity and berry notes, embodying the richness of African coffee.

The Farm

We are proud to source our coffee from the Kamoini wet mill, where small-scale farmers, each managing an average of 0.5-acre farms, meticulously cultivate coffee beans. This mill is a vital part of the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society, encompassing 18 factories. Situated in the lush landscapes of Nyeri County in Central Kenya, the coffee here thrives at an altitude of 1824 meters above sea level. The mill's strategic location along the Ichamama River ensures access to pristine flowing water, a crucial factor in delivering the pure, clean taste you experience in every cup of our coffee.

Process & Harvest

Our Kenya AA coffee beans are handpicked and fully washed, undergoing fermentation and thorough cleansing before drying on raised beds. This meticulous process ensures a bright acidity, full body, and rich flavors, capturing the unique terroir of Nyeri County.

The Region
The Farm
Process & Harvest