Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Medium-DarkBlack TeaLemongrassPeach
Indulge in the exquisite taste of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, an ancient coffee known for its floral and fruity flavor profile. With its bright acidity and medium body, this coffee is a true delight for your taste buds. Whether you prefer it black or with a splash of milk, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is sure to awaken your senses and elevate your coffee experience. Add this exceptional coffee to your grinder now and savor every sip!
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Roaster Notes:
Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Konga coffee offers a vibrant and complex profile, featuring floral notes, hints of citrus, and a delicate sweetness akin to honey, balanced by a light, tea-like body and a clean, lingering finish.

Country of Origin:

Best Brewing Method:
French Press

Origin of The Beans

Where does Ethiopian Yirgacheffe's beans come from?
The Region

Coffee production in Yirgacheffe, a region in southern Ethiopia, is renowned for its unique method. The process begins with hand-picking ripe cherries, which are then washed and fermented to remove the fruit's pulp. After fermentation, the beans are washed again and dried in the sun on raised beds, allowing air circulation for even drying. This meticulous process contributes to the distinct floral and fruity flavors characteristic of Yirgacheffe coffee.

The Farm

The coffee farms in Irgachefe, also known as Yirgacheffe, are situated in a picturesque and fertile region of south-central Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe, part of the Gedeo Zone in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region, is renowned for its coffee production, contributing significantly to the area's fame as a premier coffee-growing region in Ethiopia.

The landscape of these farms is characterized by rolling hills and lush greenery, indicative of the region's favorable climate and rich soil, ideal for coffee cultivation. The farms are typically small-scale, often family-owned, and are interspersed with a diverse array of indigenous plants and trees, creating a biodiverse environment. This traditional approach to farming contributes to the unique flavor profiles of the coffee.

Process & Harvest

Fully washed coffee is a processing method where coffee cherries are depulped, fermented to remove mucilage, washed with water, and then dried on raised beds to achieve a clean, consistent flavor.

The Region
The Farm
Process & Harvest