Colombian Roast

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MediumBrown SugarLemonMilk Chocolate
Colombian coffee is grown at high altitude and is known for being rich in body and flavor.
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Roaster Notes:
Colombian coffee, renowned for its vibrant and complex profile, features delightful notes of brown sugar, zesty lemon, and rich chocolate. It boasts above-average acidity, adding a lively, crisp character. The body is average, providing a balanced, smooth texture. With sweetness that's above average, this coffee offers a pleasing, long-lasting taste experience, making it a favorite among enthusiasts seeking depth and nuanced flavors.

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Origin of The Beans

Where does Colombian Roast's beans come from?
The Region

Pereira, in Colombia's Risaralda department, produces exceptional coffee, known for its rich, full-bodied flavor. Grown on small family farms, these beans are nurtured in ideal climatic conditions, contributing to their distinct taste profile. A harmonious blend of sweetness, mild acidity, and deep aromatic qualities make this coffee a prized choice among aficionados globally.

The Farm

Colombia Supremo 17/18 coffee originates from the lush landscapes of Pereira, nestled in Colombia's Risaralda department. This exquisite coffee is the pride of small to medium-sized family farms that dot this region. Each farm, averaging around 2.5 hectares, is a testament to the intimate and dedicated approach to coffee cultivation prevalent here. The local producers are deeply involved in every step of the process. They meticulously hand-pick the coffee cherries and process them at their personal micro-wet mills, ensuring that each bean meets the highest standards. Post-processing, the beans are carefully dried, often on raised tables within specialized solar dryers. These structures are crucial, as they shield the beans from the region's almost constant rain, allowing for a controlled drying process. This meticulous attention to detail at every stage of production imbues Colombia Supremo 17/18 with its distinct flavor and quality, making it a cherished choice among coffee connoisseurs.

Process & Harvest

The Fully Washed, Vertical Dryers process involves meticulous washing of coffee beans, removing all fruit remnants. Beans are then vertically dried in specialized equipment, ensuring uniform moisture reduction. This method enhances flavor clarity and preserves bean quality.

The Region
The Farm
Process & Harvest