Decaf Mayan

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Much like the Mayan in our shop this decaf is potent and dark. Rich enough for use as espresso, perfect for brews, our most popular decaf.

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Roaster Notes:
The "Organic Mexico Royal Select MWP Fair Trade" coffee is a symphony of flavors, offering a smooth, medium body with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It greets the palate with a subtle, yet distinct, taste of rich cocoa and toasted almonds. As the coffee unfolds, there are gentle hints of ripe berries and a whisper of citrus zest, creating a refreshing complexity. The clean finish is marked by a delightful caramel aftertaste. Grown organically and ethically under fair trade practices, each cup not only promises exceptional taste but also reflects a commitment to sustainable and equitable coffee farming.

Country of Origin:

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Origin of The Beans

Where does Decaf Mayan's beans come from?
The Region

Chiapas coffee, hailing from Mexico's southern highlands, is renowned for its rich, smooth flavor profile. Grown in the shadow of the Sierra Madre, these beans are nurtured by a microclimate ideal for coffee cultivation, resulting in a cup with bright acidity, hints of chocolate, and subtle nutty undertones. This region's commitment to organic farming techniques also imparts a distinct freshness, making Chiapas coffee a choice selection for aficionados seeking a pure, aromatic brew.

The Farm

Organic coffee farms in Chiapas, Mexico, are set amidst the lush, biodiverse landscapes of the Sierra Madre mountains. Here, farmers employ sustainable, chemical-free methods, nurturing coffee with rich, complex flavors. These beans, grown in harmony with nature, offer notes of nut, chocolate, and mild fruit, reflecting the region's pristine environment. Chiapas organic coffee is a testament to the blend of tradition and ecological responsibility in Mexican coffee culture.

Process & Harvest

In the initial stage, selected green coffee beans undergo a pre-soaking process in water. This step is crucial as it causes the beans to expand, preparing them for effective caffeine extraction. Following this, the beans are immersed in a specially concentrated solution rich in coffee solubles. This unique solution is designed to selectively remove caffeine while meticulously preserving the beans' inherent flavors. This process ensures that the decaffeination does not compromise the coffee's distinct taste profile, allowing for a caffeine-free experience without losing the essence of the coffee's original character. This meticulous approach highlights the art and science behind crafting a premium decaffeinated coffee.

The Region
Process & Harvest