Bali Blue Moon - Organically Grown

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Bali Blue Moon is a favorite for its richness, smoothness, low acidity and deliciousness. Featuring a dried fruit aroma, followed in flavor by chocolate and nutty notes that finishes unusually smooth, this coffee would not be characterized as sweet as coffees from Sumatra, but follows the flavor profile of our Timor while remaining distinct. Bali blue beans are certified organically grown.

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Roaster Notes:
The "Organic Bali Blue Moon Wet Hulled" coffee mesmerizes with a rich, full-bodied profile. Its flavors are a harmonious blend of dark chocolate and ripe blackberries, complemented by a hint of warm vanilla and spicy clove. The wet hulled process adds a distinctive earthy depth, while the organic cultivation on Bali's volcanic soils imparts a unique, smooth finish. Each cup is an exotic journey, evoking the mystical allure of a Balinese night under a blue moon.

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Origin of The Beans

Where does Bali Blue Moon - Organically Grown's beans come from?
The Region

Nestled within the Indonesian archipelago, Bali stands out as a gem, particularly for its coffee cultivation history. During the 1970s and 1980s, the Indonesian government initiated programs to revitalize coffee production on the island. This effort involved distributing coffee seedlings to local farmers, sparking an island-wide movement in coffee growing. The varieties of coffee trees planted include a significant proportion of Bourbon and Typica. These are complemented by an array of shade trees, which are crucial for sustainable coffee farming. These include Erythrina and Albizia, as well as fruit-bearing trees like tangerine and orange, which add to the biodiversity of the plantations. This blend of coffee culture and environmental stewardship has not only enhanced the quality of Bali's coffee but also contributed to the ecological balance of the region, making Bali's coffee production a model of sustainable and flavorful agriculture.

The Farm

The Subak Abian, a traditional farming organization in Bali, plays a dual role in both cultivating and processing coffee. This unique system integrates agricultural advancements with religious customs, underscoring the deep connection between farming practices and cultural beliefs. Members of the "SA" are responsible for overseeing the implementation of modern agricultural techniques while ensuring these practices align with their spiritual values. This holistic approach is aimed at elevating the quality of coffee production, which in turn is anticipated to boost the socio-economic status of the community. By promoting improved coffee-growing methods, the Subak Abian not only enhances agricultural efficiency but also reinforces the cultural fabric of Bali, ensuring that progress in coffee cultivation goes hand in hand with preserving and celebrating the island's rich heritage.

Process & Harvest

In the Wet Hulled, Patio Drying coffee process, cherries are first pulped, then fermented briefly before washing. The unique aspect is the early hulling of beans when they're still wet. This method imparts a distinct, earthy flavor to the coffee. Post-hulling, beans are dried on patios under the sun, developing a rich, full body and a complex taste profile. This method, popular in Indonesia, particularly enhances the coffee's natural sweetness and body, making it a favorite among connoisseurs.

The Region
The Farm
Process & Harvest