Guatemalan Huehuetanango

Roast Quick Facts

MediumCaramelMilk ChocolateOrange
This coffee has a rich molasses sweetness in aroma and scent. The flavorfulness in this medium roast is memorable. The sweetness is tangible, brown sugary, and clean.
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🔬 Under The Microscope

Roaster Notes:
This coffee reveals a symphony of flavors. Expect a vibrant acidity with notes of juicy berries and citrus. The aroma hints at floral and sweet chocolate, while a subtle undertone of nutty richness adds complexity. The finish is clean and lingering, with a hint of spice.

Country of Origin:

Best Brewing Method:

Origin of The Beans

Where does Guatemalan Huehuetanango's beans come from?
The Region

Huehuetenango, located in Guatemala's highlands, is renowned for its exceptional coffee. This region's unique climate, characterized by dry, hot winds and high altitude, creates ideal conditions for growing distinct, flavorful coffee beans with a balanced acidity and fruity notes.

The Farm

The Guatemala Huehuetenango EP coffee is prepared for export using a standard called European Preparation (EP), meaning the coffee is hand sorted until there are no more than 8 defects per 300 grams of green coffee. This Guatemalan coffee is sourced from different farms within the region of Huehuetenango and it is known for its clean and bright acidity.

Process & Harvest

The Fully Washed, Mechanical Dryer coffee process involves several steps. First, ripe coffee cherries are harvested and then depulped to remove the outer fruit layer. The beans, still encased in mucilage, are then fermented in water tanks to break down this layer. After fermentation, the beans are thoroughly washed to remove the mucilage. Finally, the clean coffee beans are dried in mechanical dryers, which provide a consistent and controlled drying environment, ensuring uniformity in the final product. This process highlights the coffee's inherent qualities, often resulting in a clean, bright, and flavorful cup.

The Region
The Farm
Process & Harvest