Colombian Organic Sierra Santa Rosa

Roast Quick Facts

MediumCane SugarMilk ChocolateRed Apple

Experience the rich and flavorful taste of our Colombian Organic Sierra Santa Rosa. Grown using organic farming methods, this coffee boasts a clean and natural taste that is both delicious and delightful. 

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Roaster Notes:
Organic Colombian coffee, distinguished by its natural cultivation, offers a delightful fusion of cane sugar, milk chocolate, and red apple notes. This harmonious blend creates a smooth, sweet profile with a subtle fruitiness, making each cup a luxurious experience.

Country of Origin:

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Origin of The Beans

Where does Colombian Organic Sierra Santa Rosa's beans come from?
The Region

Huila, a prominent coffee region in Colombia, is celebrated for producing some of the country's finest beans. Nestled in lush landscapes, Huila's unique microclimate, with its balanced rainfall and warm sunshine, creates ideal growing conditions. This region is known for coffee with complex flavors, typically featuring bright acidity, medium body, and a rich aroma. Notes of caramel, tropical fruits, and nuts are common, making Huila's coffee highly sought after by connoisseurs globally for its exquisite taste profile.

The Farm

The coffee farms of Santa Maria in northern Huila, near Neiva, are renowned for producing beans with bright, sweet flavors, reminiscent of tangerine and red apple. These farms, nestled in lush landscapes, yield high-quality coffee cherished globally.

Process & Harvest

The "Fully Washed, Mechanical Dryer" coffee process involves thoroughly washing the beans to remove the fruit, followed by drying them in a mechanical dryer, ensuring consistent moisture levels and flavor. This method enhances cleanliness and clarity in the coffee's taste profile.

The Region
The Farm
Process & Harvest