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Relish in the exotic flavors of Indian Monsoon, our house blend coffee. Crafted from the finest Indian monsoon beans, our blend is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its rich, earthy notes and alluring aroma. Perfect for a sophisticated and luxurious coffee drinking experience.

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Roaster Notes:
Indian Monsooned coffee, renowned for its unique processing method, offers a distinct flavor profile. With low sweetness, body, and acidity, it provides a gentle, subtle taste experience. The prominent note of baker's chocolate stands out, imparting a rich, deep flavor that's not overly sweet. This nuanced chocolate note is the result of beans exposed to monsoon winds, which mellow and mature the beans, reducing their inherent acidity and body while enhancing their earthy qualities. The result is a smooth, mild coffee with a singular taste, highly valued by those who prefer a less intense, yet flavor-rich cup.

Country of Origin:

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Origin of The Beans

Where does Indian Monsooned's beans come from?
The Region

The mountainous southern regions of Mysore Coorg in India are esteemed for their rich coffee heritage. Nestled amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, these areas provide an ideal terroir for coffee cultivation. The high altitude, combined with the dense forest cover, creates a unique microclimate that nurtures the coffee plants, imparting distinctive flavor characteristics to the beans. Traditional farming methods are employed, with a focus on harmony with nature. The region is known for its Arabica and Robusta varieties, each benefiting from the nutrient-rich soil and the gentle climate. The coffee from Mysore Coorg is celebrated for its smoothness, subtle aromas, and a depth of flavor that reflects the region's natural beauty and the skill of its growers. This area is not just a coffee-producing region; it's a testament to India's deep-rooted coffee culture, where each bean tells a story of tradition, care, and the lush landscapes of Southern India.

The Farm

In the Indian Monsoon Malabar region, the unique coffee farming tradition dates back to historical sea voyages. Originally, beans shipped from India to Europe over several months underwent a natural transformation due to exposure to humid sea winds, altering their color and flavor. This accidental discovery led to the coffee's popularity in Europe for its mellow, smooth taste. Today, these conditions are meticulously recreated in local warehouses during the monsoon season. The beans are stored in open spaces, allowing them to absorb moisture from the humid air, mirroring the effects of the long sea journey. This process causes the beans to swell, change in texture and appearance, and develop their characteristic pale yellow hue. The resulting coffee is known for its unique size, texture, and soft, smooth flavor, continuing the legacy of a coffee type that is a historical accident turned into a cherished tradition. These farms and warehouses are crucial in maintaining the authenticity of the Monsoon Malabar coffee experience, reflecting a blend of history, tradition, and innovative adaptation.

Process & Harvest

Other, Patio Drying coffee process involves spreading the beans in thin layers on large patios after initial processing. Exposed to the sun, they are regularly turned for even drying. This method enhances flavor, ensuring a consistent, high-quality cup.

The Region
The Farm
Process & Harvest